PDF Reader Pro-Your PDF Office Examine App


J’ai acheté cette appliction dans le cadre de mon activité professionnelle….Quelle déception. L’outil n’ouvre pas mes pdf….Application ne répond pas. ET 50 € à la poubelle

La meilleure app pdf

Excellente appli, traduite en français en plus pour ceux qui n’aiment pas l’anglais. Tous les outils sont présents et marchent bien. Pour 50€ pour un usage pro il n’y a pas à hésiter. Par contre le SAV ne répond pas / pas vite aux demandes des clients, un mauvais point là dessus. Si vous n’avez pas un usage énorme de pdf et besoin de fusionner de gros doc etc la version gratuite devrait vous suffire.

Trop dispendieux

Je n’aime pas cette apllication et je ne la recommande pas. Beaucoup trop dispendieuse et pas assez conviviale. Pour le prix payer, je m’attendais à une application plus complète. Il faut du temps pour se familiariser et certaine fonction sont difficille à trouver et à utiliser.

What a horrible, unworkable mess.

Prior versions were great. The program did what I needed, and did it in an intuitive way. Every time I am forced to use this program I am reminded of Arthur Dent repeatedly seeking a simple cuppa from the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser, a product of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. It is famous for producing something that is close but almost, but not entirely, unlike Tea. The mere act of printing has become a struggle. I cannot recommend this program to anyone, except, perhaps, that bully in 5th grade that kept beating me up 50 years ago. He would deserve this extremely frustrating program. Shame on the programmers. What have you done? You took a fine, solid, predictable and useful app and turned it into something so frustrating, that I actually yell at my Mac when I use it. (like every hour. I think my computer is beginning to take offense). Unworkable is one good descriptor. Frustrating is another. Unintuitive is the probably the best. Did you folks ever consider beta testing this with real people before selling it? Obviously not with living people. MY SPECS: MacOS High Sierra, on a 2015 iMac.

No OCR!!!

You must be joking. $60 for a PDF program that will not OCR a PDF?!!!!! This is a bad joke. DO NOT BUY!!!

Awesome and worth the money

Guys great job with the new version, I was looking for a solution under one roof and you did it. Thanks very much

right now one STAR……….need help with APP

So, my main purpose for purchasing this application was to be able to convert PDF’s to word documents. The problem is that once the documents convert my tables are gone and the words are shifted. Please help me with this or Ive just wasted $60 because most of the documents I convert will have tables.

Hyperlink not working

I don’t like this app. I subscribed the 6-month trial to use hyperlink function. It wasn’t there. Then i bought the for life purchase, it doesn’t work. I wonder what can solve my problem.

Doesn’t Password Protect

Well this was the biggest waste of $59.99. I wanted to pasword protect a PDF document. I saw the the “password” option what shaded in the free edition. I figured it I upgraded to the Pro edition, I would be able to password protect. The help function keeps pointing me to the shaded password but it doesn’t allow me to do that. Furthermore, I looked every where in the instructions and reviews and there is no information on how to password protect with this App (unless I missed it).

Can not type in highlighted text box.

UGH! I am unable to fill in the highlit text box. Followed all dirrections, spent hours trying to make this work. Whats wrong and how do I fix this?

Very Good Application

Sure, it’s not Adobe; but it's a very good and valued substitute for some applications. Well done!

The absolute best PDF application available.

I have been using both the Laptop, iPad, and IPhone versions for 5 years now. I am never disappointed and always amazed at what new things the app can do when I need them. VERY highly recommended on all device formats. Never lets me down with my clients when I am using it. :)

Use this all the time!

I needed this and was very pleased when I opened it for the first time. There have been no issues and everything works fine. Thank you to the development team for this useful app.

mostly does what I need

Sometimes it’s easy to use other times it seems as though things have been moved around and are more difficult to find. Mostly it does what I need.


not what was expected at all. i tried to get a same day refund - but the item was still processing. next day, after receiving the apple bill. i tried again to report the problem, byut was told this product is not eligible vor refeund. bs. i will negoitate my needs with my credit card company - and dispute it there, where I will gain satisfaction. this software SUCKED as far as my needs go…buyers beware.

Not What I Expected

I, too, thought this was Adobe, as that is what I searched. I was very disappointed to find that this particular product is unable to perform the tasks that the FREE version of Adobe Reader can do. I am very disappointed that I spent $60 on an app that does not have the functionality I expected. I feel a refund is warranted.

NOT Adobe Acrobat, but comes up with those exact search words

I got the free version that came up in app store, but then purchased for $60 for my mac after reading reviews that must have been bogus—said it did a great job converting documents. The first PDF I tried to convert, it made into complete gibberish. I emailed it to their support on 2/14 at 1:40pm, along with the original document and they replied on the 15th around 7am that they needed to know my OS system and could I send docs so they could send to their engineer (there’s only 1?). I had already sent docs, but I sent again with OS system info. 2 days later, on a Saturday, they said there were problems with the fonts and sent it back looking nothing like the original. I went online and downloaded the right thing—adobe acrobat—free version—and it opened just fine. Now I’m just out $60 for something that didn’t do what it says. Grrrrr. I chose the nickname for this review of Not ADOBE, and it said it was taken. Enough said.

Doesnt convert to word

I just downloaded this software and waisted money. I tryed to convert my pdf file to word and all the program did was send over an image to word. I wish I could get my money back. DONT BUY THIS SOFTWARE.

Not as promised!

I purchased the upgrade in December. The upgrade worked ONCE….and then I’m back to the free version. I have tried to restore the purchase but I get a spinning process that lasts & lasts…..not related to my internet or connectivity as I have successfully updated, downloaded multiple other apps. I’m very disappointed in the performence of this app….it’s just not what it claims to be.


The program works great. It does everything I want it to do in terms of making all kinds of notes on the PDF file with highlighters, text notes, freehand drawings and arrows. HOWEVER, when I upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra, it went haywire. The highlights were like paint over the words making the words unreadable, command functions did not work correctly and luckily, I had everything backed up via Time Machine that I was able to go back and reinstall the old Mac OS Sierra operating system and get the program to work again. Otherwise it has been money well spent.

Won’t hold settings, crashes

Don’t bother buying this program until they get all of the bugs worked out. It does not remember the settings from 1 document to the next. It crashes everytime I want to print. The only signature you can add is the one you write out on the track pad (which is a problem if you have a desktop computer - no trackpad). Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t let you try all of the advanced features so you can’t see how it works until you buy it and by then it is too late….definitely not worth the money - I don’t even want it on my computer and have already unstalled it. Hope I can get a refund!!!! UPDATE- just to let the developer know, I did make the changes under the “preferences” the changes don’t hold. Also, you can’t highlight pages in the thumbnails, so you can’t extract or delete pages there, you have to open another window to do this….it’s very clunky - still want a refund.

I want full refund

It didn’t convert pdf to word .. I want FULL REFUND


What a crummy app for the price it would not allow me to fill in a pdf form.

Very useful, functional pdf reader

I grade my students’ papers every day with this app. The easy annotation and highlighting are amazing. It’s much cleaner than simply scribbling on the paper. Now my students will actually read my feedback for them.

Worth Every Penny

I’ve been looking for an app just like this for quite some time. I’ve tried different solutions for my PDF needs but this one addresses all of them. I have to admit that I was put off by its price tag for a bit but thank goodness I took the leap of faith and it absolutely paid off. All the different PDF management tools - conversion, annotation, highlight, form filling etc- are as good as advertised and may be even better for how I had hoped. The presentation mode works especially well for me as PDF is the main working format in what I do. Such a breeze when I have to demonstrate the manuals and contracts in my face-to-face meetings with clients. The previous apps I tried either lacked of the tools I needed or came out short on the performance (eg. crashing, slow rendering speed, lost pages when inserting or merging, annotation now shown correctly in position when opened with other apps, etc). I am glad I found the perfect one. I don’t think you could go wrong with this app if you are just like me who relies on PDF for your daily needs. This is a superb PDF management solution and it certainly beats out others that claim to do the similar things in the store.

I want a refund!

This is not a good app. I bought it 15 minutes ago and i already regret it. How can I get a refund?

This is rubbish. Stay away from it!

This app has more bugs than a tropical forest! It can’t do half of what Abobe Reader can do, and even after you’ve paid for it you can’t use the app when you open it until you you respond to a popup box which forces you to either give it a 5-Star review/rating, or write an email to them (they open your mail program for you!) to give them a suggestion. You can’t close that box - you MUST do what they say! After giving them a few suggestions, like why don’t you allow us to rearrange pages in a PDF, and getting no response, I then sent another "suggestion” complaining about the stupid “Rate Us” popup, but they don’t respond to anything. Don’t go near them - there’s far better products out there!

Does not do what it advertises

It does not do what it advertised. It says it will convert a pdf to a word doc and all it does is insert a picture of the pdf into a word doc. I can’t edit the document at all.

pdf pro

Excellent! I use it after I download from Hebrew Books. This app turns it into a book where each page can be highlighted in many different ways and one can write comments

No tables

I am converting a 15-page PDF file with tables to docx. This application was unable to convert any tables. Instead, they appeared as lists.

I very happy with PDF Reader Pro

I use this all the time, it’s one of the most used application.

no funciona

ya no trabaja como antes. no puedo editar documentos y mucho menos a~adir lineas :(


I have been working with computers for more than 20 years….seriously, I started with MS-DOS. I would rather go back to MS-DOS than have to use PDF Rader Pro again….wow, really bad! I have an iPad app that is so much better than this. This is the single most frustrating app/program I have ever used….Vista bad!


I should have read the other reviews before I purchased. This app does not allow you to merge files. Waste of $50 and I would like a refund.

Great Basic Substitute

I have use Adobe Acrobat for years on a PC. Switched to Apple and didnt need to spend the $300 for full version. For the price, this is a great replacement. Everything works so far so good.

Buyer Beware

As others have said, absolutely worthless. No instructions, and constant crashes. Total waste of $50!


I want a refund. The real thing is the way to go.


Just spent $50 on this and I can’t insert pages as it says here. There are no instructions, after much trial and error I found that clicking on security icon you can add a page. Once you do this, the page never saves. It’s a waste of $50 I can’t believe I took the chance on this!!

Looks Like I’m the First Out the Box

I am giving 4 stars at the moment based on my initial use. The app is intuitive and appears to have the functionality of the Adobe Pro version. I used the merge function and it worked seamlessly. I didn’t check if there was an ordering function, I assume that there is. In another 30 days and I will become more familiar with it and give an update to this review. The price is very reasonable, a tenth of the price, when compared to the full Adobe Pro version. So, let’s put it to the test and see what’s up.


This app offers a useful set of features such as annotaton. I can use this app to read stuff fast and effectively. Big Thanks here!!

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